About Us

Girl from Ipanema Spa is a combination of generations of spa service training and product development and the modern design and beauty technology of today.  Rosana Michail grew up in Sao Paulo Brazil where her mother owned a large salon and formulated her own natural depilatory wax.  Rosana was trained by her mother in beauty services then went on to get higher education in chemistry to take the family beauty formulas to the next level.  Once in the United States, Rosana quickly realized the opportunity to offer her product and skills and opened her first spa in Summit NJ.  She has since expanded the summit location and opened additional locations focused on waxing using her family's 100% natural wax formula.  

Our Wax

Our stripless wax formula is chemical free,100% plant based with no artificial colors or fragrance, gluten free made with only the highest quality natural ingredients including organic essential oils.  Over the past 40 years our formula has been perfected by Rosana.  The wax goes on warm not hot like other waxes eliminating the chance of burning sensitive skin and opening the hair root for easier removal.  As the wax is applied and solidifies it adheres to the hair not the top layer of skin so that when the wax is removed the skin is left smooth and conditioned by the bees wax and natural oils in the formula.  Our wax can safely be applied multiple times to the same area without irritation.  The result for our clients is a much less painful process that consistently removes hair from the root while conditioning the skin.