Tuxedo touch-up wax for men @/Texto: Hair is one of the first things any person notices in men and that is why is important to keep everything in order.

Also for esthetic reasons, a man with a clean face leaves a very positive image through where he passes. It involves maturity, respect and leadership.

However, it is not so easy to control the unwanted hair, like those coming out of the nose or the collar and even the exceeding hair in the eyebrows.

Waxing is the best option for men to remove unwanted hair so they do not have to shave or trim the face. It is a safe and easy method for facial hair removal.

Gentle, effective and long lasting, we offer a unique service for men who wishes a clean look, our “Tuxedo touch-up wax for men”, which consists in waxing the exceeding hair of ear, nose, eyebrow and collar.

Our services are offered with all the security, comfort, cleanliness and privacy that a men needs. We use high quality products that do not cause damages to the skin and the environment.
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